Kayla autumn ward

my journey to become the woman within

I’m wanting to make a post about people reblogging my posts.  I don’t mind but if you are going to reblog it and add hashtags that are inappropriate like shemale, sissy, etc., don’t do so.  These are all negative terms that I do not care to be associated with.  If that bothers you, bye!  This is mainly in response to scott90011, please remove those tags from pics of mine and don’t do it anymore. 

Thanks so much for respecting that :)

Kayla autumn ward

daryiandeepsea said: You are amazing. You are so stunning I just started my transition, Hopefully soon I'll be happy as you appear to be.

Thank you :) Congrats on the beginning of an amazing journey!  Before you know it, you will be happier than you have ever been.